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February 7, 2018 7 min read
February 7, 2018
7 min read

Gentleman Toker – VUBER Dabber

Gentleman Toker tosses his old dabber in the garbage and looks at the the new hotness from VUBER!

Joe Tierney

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Quick Look

  • Pros

    Conservative with your concentrate, generates full dabs, and easily portable.

  • Cons

    Too small to dab globs, if that’s your thing. Will need frequent cleaning with heavy use. (Approx. 1 cleaning per week)

I met VUBER in Vegas, which you might already presume if you’ve been following along with my recent adventures, and they invited me to check out their new Dabber. If you’re understandably uncomfortable with wielding a blowtorch but still want to experience the ooomph that a dab rig can deliver, this is the product for you (or your favorite stoner). Some of you might be familiar with the basic setup: a lithium ion battery heating a nail. This is a new generation of the same portable electronic device that gets rebranded by several different companies. The first one was infamously flawed — the heat from the battery could melt the ceramic nail. This was fixed in 2.0 but the overall user experience sucked (I’ve still got one I never use*). It was difficult to get the water in the stem properly and it didn’t hit well. But this thing? The only time I picked up my rig this week was the one time I had to recharge my VUBER Dabber.

VUBER has fixed the water problem entirely now that the mouthpiece separates from the stem. Brilliant! Just fill it up a quarter of the way and twerk it back on to the battery. You’ve got three different nails to choose from: titanium, quartz, and ceramic. My personal favorite is the ceramic as I think that it gets the truest flavor. You press the on button three times for the titanium nail and five for the other two, then wait for it to heat up (45 seconds, less for the titanium). It seems to me that the titanium nail produces the smallest clouds — I’m getting roughly 1-2 lungfuls off of the same size dab that would otherwise get 2-3 on the ceramic or quartz nails.

Here’s my off-brand 2.0 that lives in a drawer until I google how to dispose of Lithium-ion batteries.
Editor’s Note: We highly recommend that you dispose of Li-Ion batteries appropriately.

What I like best is that ‘same size dab’ is a tiny one. The VUBER Dabber forces you to be conservative with your oil, since the nail is rather small, but that’s all I need with this device. I’m using about half of the concentrate I was going through in the rig. On the flip side, using the small nail makes it hard to clean — the booklet recommends a Q-Tip but you actually want to soak them in alcohol for a while, then wipe ’em with a cloth. As for battery life, the booklet says you’ll get about 16 cycles, which is about right. A full charge lasted me from last Thursday until today at about 2-3 dabs a day (more today- review time, yay!) It only took about two hours to fully recharge (via USB). Since the Dabber is a small device, it gets gunked up fast, so you’ll need to clean it regularly. This one is about due.

The Gentleman is ecstatic over how well the VUBER Dabber works. You will save so much concentrate, it’s rodeo-clown ridiculous. The ease with which you can fill it with water is what makes this generation finally, actually portable. Also very important, VUBER devices come with a lifetime warranty, so if your Dabber breaks before the Adversary is loosed upon the earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, you’re covered. If it happens after, you’re probably screwed. Better play it safe and get two now. Heck, get a dozen! Your clan of survivors is sure to have a MacGyver that can do something with all those L-ion batteries. Like, satellites, or whatever.

MacGyver gets lazy. Credit: XKCD

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