Cannabis Seed Hub – Best Feminized, Autoflower, Regular, Photoperiod, and more (2020)

Purchasing cannabis seeds is easier than ever thanks to the web. But which seed companies are trustworthy? How can you make sure you're getting what you pay for, or that your seeds will arrive at all?

These are common questions when purchasing seed we've got recommendations to help you buy safely and the educational resources to help you through your next steps.

Whether you're curious about feminized seeds, autoflower, regular, or even high CBD seeds, we've got you covered.

Growers Network Seed Hub Table of Contents:

Here are a few trusted seed shops. Check them out, compare prices and strains, and look for sales!

Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice offers fully feminized seeds, autoflowers, as well as High CBD strains. With discrete worldwide shipping you can purchase anywhere.
Growers Choice also offers a "germination guarantee."

Check out Growers Choice now!

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank offers a huge number of strains from a variety of breeders including: Canuk Seeds, Barney's Farm, Dutch Passion, and more! It's also worth mentioning that True North offers free seeds with each order!

Check out True North Seed Bank now!

MSNL (Marijuana Seeds Netherlands)

MSNL continues the Netherland's tradition of quality cannabis with a huge variety of strains offering feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds. Known as "the original seedbank since 1999," MSNL offers worldwide shipping, discrete packaging, and offers a discount if you're paying with BitCoin.
Check out MSNL Seeds now!

Crop King Seeds

Crop King seeds is another great place to order seeds. In addition to feminized seeds, autoflowers, and regular, CKS also offers high CBD strain seeds. They offer fast delivery, discrete shipping, a germination guarantee, and multiple payment options.

Check out Crop King Seeds now!

Pacific Seed Bank

Pacific Seed Bank is run by horticulturists who know SEEDS! They have a huge variety of feminized and autoflowers seeds to choose from, as well as high CBD strains. And check out their 90% germination guarantee!

Check out Pacific Seed Bank now!

AMS (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds)

More Info Coming Soon

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a leading provider of cannabis strains in Canada and are the ideal online market for high-quality regular, auto-flowering, feminized and CBD marijuana seeds. So whether it is some massive yielders you’re looking for, or very interesting phenotypes, they’ve got you covered!

Check out QCS now!

Free Cannabis Grow Courses

Are you a cannabis pro? Are you a beginner? Either way we've got free courses that will help you take your craft to the next level, no matter what your experience. Check out Growers Network University here! Don't forget to check out our exclusive equipment discounts for course members!

Cannabis Seed FAQs

What are feminized Cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are obtained from plants that have been treated with colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate. This process forces the germinating seed to develop as a female, which is good for growers.

Are there advantages to feminized seeds?

Absolutely! Feminized seeds take the guess work out of the number of seeds you need to germinate, and you won't have to worry about males pollinating your ladies, which will significantly decrease the quality and yield of your harvest.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Unlike regular seeds, autoflower seeds have been crossed with the ruderalis cannabis species which forces them to flower when they're old enough, not in response to the light duration. This will take the guess work out of when to switch from veg growth to flowering in your grow.

Is it safe to order cannabis seeds through the mail?

People always wonder about the legal risk of purchasing cannabis seeds through the mail. Legitimate seed vendors (including those we recommend) ship discreetly to most locations. Seeds can be stopped by customs, but this doesn’t happen often. You also want to make sure that wherever you decide to purchase your seeds will also ship to your country. This information should be transparent and available on the vendor’s website.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds safely?

There are a number of good seed vendors out there. Our recommendations are established companies with great customer reviews so you know you’re purchasing quality cannabis seeds.

Beware of cannabis Seed Scams

If you’re contacted via social media to purchase seeds, chances are you’ve been targeted for a scam. We recommend using established cannabis seed vendors such as those linked below.

Questions you should ask before purchasing Cannabis seeds online
Do you recognize the name of the cannabis seed company name?
Branding goes a long way and a recognized, established brand is something to consider when purchasing Cannabis seeds online.
What are customers saying in their reviews? Did they receive their seeds? Were they high quality?
Researching these questions will increase your chances of being happy with your Cannabis seed purchase.
Do you know anybody who has used them as their Cannabis seed supplier?
Word of mouth recommendations are very powerful in the cannabis community. Someone else's first hand experience can be helpful if you aren't sure about which brand of Cannabis seeds to purchase.
What’s their return or refund policy?
A good seed shop should at least have generally positive reviews and a well-defined refund or exchange policy.

Assessing Seed Health

A good seed vendor should only ship out quality seeds. Here is what to look for when you receive your seeds to assess their overall health.

  • Dark color with stripes or spots (white or green seeds are too immature to sprout).
  • Waxy, shiny coating: While not critical, this is a sign that the seed is healthy.
  • Hard shell: You should be able to apply light finger pressure without the seed cracking. If the seed buckles under light pressure, the seed is either infertile or dead.
  • No cracks: Healthy seeds will have their seed coat intact without damage. Check for holes too, as insect pests may dig into seeds for the delicious starch.

find cannabis seeds by strain

Feminized Regular Seeds: AK – 47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Animal Crackers Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Blueberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Chemdog #4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Forbidden Fruit Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Grape Ape Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds, OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Pineapple Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Skunk Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Trainwreck Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds, White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds:
Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, AK Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Blueberry Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Cheese Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Cream Auto-flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Haze XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Kush XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds