December 7, 2022 7 min read
December 7, 2022
7 min read

Have a family member or friend who loves cannabis, but no ideas what gifts to get them for the holidays?

1. Common Culture Trim Tray ($50)
For Home Growers Who Trim Cannabis

The Trim Tray by Common Culture is among the top gifts for cannabis growers being designed by the staff at Growers House/CannaCribs to collect cannabis kief (resin that contains active compounds) from harvested flower buds, as well as discarded cannabis parts with high amounts of kief (sugar leaves, shake) in a manner that’s optimizes simplicity plus speed of the process.

Sugar leaves/shake are vigorously sifted to harvest as much kief as possible before discarding. The cannabis buds themselves can be used to remove excess kief and make them easier to transport too.

Some features incorporated by the Trim Tray include no exposed rivets that gunk up, a brush to collect the kief, smooth bottom allowing it to glide along surfaces or laps, ability to add 8 foam pads to the bottom to make it non-slip. The Common Culture Trim Tray comes with bottom catch tray, top tray with 150 micron screen, a kief brush and wallet microscope.

2. Magical Butter Machine ($175)
For Cannabis Enthusiasts Looking to Infuse Their Own Edibles

The Magical Butter Machine is the best cannabis gift idea for edible lovers designed to make extracting, activating & mixing the THC, CBD plus other cannabinoids from cannabis crop, into delicious marijuana edibles/infusions easier than ever before! It’s the most flexible solution for people who prefer other forms of marijuana to smoking/vaping with the ability to create all kinds of recipes including butters, soups, tinctures, salves, oils, lotions and more!

Magical Butter created a tool that turns a complicated and confusing process into an easy and user friendly process. Making it an ease to integrate botanicals into your lifestyle! Magical Butter uses an exclusive microprocessor technology that ensures pinpoint accuracy. All From Your Countertop.

Combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit. The MB grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps herbal extracts, all at the correct time intervals and temperature to achieve desired infusion easily, safely, and consistently.

3. A Pot for Pot (Mini) ($70)
For Home Growers Who Want an Easy All-in-One Kit

These grow kits are perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. This 0.5 Gallon Mini Kit is designed to be placed indoors on desktops or window sills or outside on patios or balconies. It can be powered by the sun or artificial lighting.

It contains everything you need to have a healthy harvest at home. Just follow our simple guide and you’ll be saving money while enjoying your own clean, green stash in no time! Add only water, seed, and sun — no green thumb needed! It makes growing as easy as adding a seed, sunlight, and water with our natural, time-tested grow kits.

4. OrganiPlug Seed Starters 100pk ($32.55)
For Cannabis Seed Sprouters

OrganiPlugs seed growing plugs are a food-safe option for germinating seedlings and rooting cuttings as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This hydroponic seed starter is made of organic peat and coco coir OMRI listed ingredients designed to supplement and support plant growth. These seed growing plugs are ready to use right out of the bag. 

Optimized and aerated for superior lateral roots, these plant starter plugs made with OMRI listed ingredients fit standard propagation trays. After rooting, vegetables, plants and flowers can be transplanted to reach their maximum growth potential..

Ventana Plant Science leverages its knowledge from decades of agricultural experience to create gardening essentials for professional, recreational, and medicinal plant growers. All products are carefully researched and formulated using the latest evidence-based horticultural science.

5. Plant House Tent for Indoor Growers ($61.83)
For In-House Growers

Compact grow tent with 12.5 square feet of growing space and all the features of larger size tents. Ability to hang up to 110 lbs of lighting and ventilation from the ceiling, opening up entire grow space for the crop. 100% lightproof design Made with waterproof 600D Oxford polyester fabric with overflaps at the zippers to prevent light leaks. Features BoPET film with 98% reflectivity and all-metal frame–no plastic corners that easily break. Multiple inlets for total access to your grow space and control over airflow. Compare to Secret Jardin Dark Room tents, yet with upgraded metal corners.

The Plant House Indoor Grow Tent – 2.5′ x 5′ x 73″ gives you total control over your grow space. The Plant House tent is built with a reinforced full metal frame and thick, durable sheathing fabric. The sturdy Plant House Indoor Grow Tent – 2.5′ x 5′ x 73″ features crossbars to give growers the option of hanging lighting and ventilation systems from the ceiling (maximum load capacity of 110 lbs), opening up the entire 12.5 square ft of grow space for their crop. 

6. CVault Storage Containers (w/ Boveda) ($67.98)
For Cannabis Storers

At 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall this storage tin is perfect for your home stash. Keeps your medical herb potent by blocking harmful UVB light which deteriorates potency – unlike glass or plastic baggies which will deteriorate potency by 10% over time. Silicon ring and clamps keep stash airtight, waterproof and odor free. 2-Liter size is small enough to carry in a bag without notice. Big enough for extended trips or or when you need to stock up and save for a while.

7. Giant Yellow Sticky Traps ($66.19)
For Cannabis Gardeners

Targets flying insects, like gnats and fruit flies. Can be positioned to catch crawling bugs. At 6″ wide and 328′ long, this insect sticky tape is the choice of top growers and garden enthusiasts around the world. This plant sticky trap is mounted on a roll, making it easy to wrap around trees, garden poles, and even trellises for grape vines or tomatoes. Roll out as much or as little as you like, according to your space’s needs.

The glue used in this trap specifically targets whitefly, aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, fruit flies and leaf miner flies. Rolls are safe to use with bumblebee or honeybee pollination. Not harmful to plants or people.

8. VPS Flavuh Concentrate for 4x Increased Production ($312.82)
For Perfect Cannabis Growers

 Ventana Plant Science FlaVUH 4-0-4 is an amino acid monomer and amino acid polymer additive essential for flowering plants and vegetables. Derived from organic oyster shells. Available in 4 oz, 1 qt, 1 gal, 2.5 gal, 55 gal.  Increase flavor, Brix levels, essential oil production and Terpenes in flowers, garden veggies and medicinal house plants. This indoor and outdoor plant food increases the overall nutrient availability and uptake rate.

This liquid all purpose plant food showed an increase in dry weight biomass of 12.3% vs control in side-by-side comparisons at commercial facilities. Our nutrient line is designed to be complete in its composition, but not wasteful.

This versatile liquid food can be used on its own or easily added to a variety of regimens, an essential part of Ventana’s Veg and Bloom Programs.

9. CO2 Tank Rain System ($314.98)
For Grow Tenters Who Want Max Yield

20 lb. Aluminum CO2 Tank (Empty), Carbon Accelerator CO2 Regulator w/ Flow Meter, Active Air CO2 Rain System – 20 ft, 6 eye-screws,1 T-Fitting, and a “Legalize Tomatoes” Sticker. The C02 Rain System showers your plants with CO2! Just affix the eye screws in the ceiling, slide the black laser drilled tubing through the eye screws, attach the plastic tubing from your CO2 Regulator and you’ve got CO2 raining down on your plants!

The CO2 Release Kit provides you with the tools you need for proper CO2 enrichment. The regulator assembly features an industrial-grade 120-volt solenoid valve with 6 ft. power cord, a precise flow-gauge, and easy-to-read pressure gauge. The kit also includes 10 ft of tubing for dispersal, and connects directly to 20 lb. or 50 lb. tanks.

10. HLG LED Grow Light 100 RSpec ($139)
For Cannabis Essentialists

Horticulture Lighting Group’s HLG 100 V2 95W indoor horticulture LED grow lamp is designed to power a 3’x3′ space with a total of 192 pcs Samsung LM301B LED’s. Comes in Rspec for Veg and Flowering or 4K Veg spectrums. The HLG 100 V2 uses Horticulture Lighting Group’s custom designed High efficiency white light Quantum Boards. With a total of 192 pcs Samsung LM301B LED’s, this fixture produces 15,000+ Lumens with just 95 Watts of power. Equivalent to 220W T5 or 300W CFL output or 200W metal halide.lide. Comes in either 3000K or 4000K spectrums.

Thank you for checking out our “Best Cannabis Gift Ideas for Growers (2022)” and be sure to look for more incredibly useful gear and products on the GrowersHouse.