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In this day and age there are an overwhelming number of social networks, making it time-consuming to find, connect, and dialogue with people in the industry. Growers Network makes it easy to connect with specialized subsets of the industry saving time and resulting in more meaningful conversations.
The AMA's are super valuable. They have professionals that are very engaged and informative. Great resource for research. The community manager's invites are very welcoming. I look forward to participating in all of the upcoming AMAs.
Growers network has brought me great value, in networking alone; I’ve met quite a few useful industry sources, as I’m going to be working and testing a few products from various companies as well now
Really happy to have found this forum, already paid off with catching the inadequate lighting I was going to try growing with!
Highly recommend resource!
Grower's Network is an amazing community of cultivators helping each other reach their goals. Whether you are a hobbyist just starting out, or a master grower with years of experience, you will get something out of GNET. We are still only beginning to understand the complexity of this amazing plant, so it's great to have a supportive community to learn from.

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