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January 31, 2019 5 min read
January 31, 2019
5 min read

4 Best CBD & Hemp Oil Products to Calm Your Anxious Dog – Updated for 2020!

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Calm your dog’s anxiety with the best CBD & Hemp oil products!

Finding effective CBD and Hemp Oil treatments can be frustrating. We're here to help.
If you are not a dog person, or have both dogs and cats, then check out this article focused on CBD and cats

Dogs are our best friends and just like us, they can get anxious in stressful situations. Have you experienced this? I know I have. My rescue dog Holly is a bundle of joy most of the time, but when a thunderstorm hits or she can hear fireworks, forget about it. She turns into an anxious mess: Hiding under the bed, crying, and chewing (i.e destroying) whatever she can find. I didn't know what to do. I took her to the vet who suggested an expensive prescription, but it didn't do anything but make Holly drowsy and lethargic. I was stuck. Then I heard about the benefits of giving your dog CBD oil as a natural alternative. I tried a number of products, and while it was a little work to find out which ones were effective, I found success with a few Hemp Oil & CBD products, so today I'll let you in on the best CBD oil products that will help your pet feel less anxious.

If you didn't already know, dogs and people aren't quite so different when it comes to some of their physiology, and like people, dogs have an endocannabinoid system. This system, present throughout the body, is why CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids can have such positive effects; it's like our bodies were custom designed to work with the cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp. And though we're focusing on axiety in this article, it's important to know that CBD has show effectiveness in canines for conditions such as arthritis and hip pain, nausea, mood, and even sleep issues.

If you want to know more about Holly's experience with CBD and Hemp oil products, click here.

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Quick Look at the Best CBD & Hemp Oil products for anxious dogs:

Best Overall CBD Product for Dogs: RE Botanicals CBD Hemp Tincture for Pets
Best Budget CDB product for Dogs: MedTerra's pet CBD Tincture
Best Liquid CBD Oil for Dogs: MedTerra's Pet CBD Tincture 750mg (Beef)
Best CBD Chew or Treat for Dogs: Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews

How I determined the best CBD and Hemp Oil Products for your anxious dog: As I said, I am recommending products I have had success with. Additionally, I've only included products that have been scientifically tested for purity, potency, and quality.

1. RE Botanicals CBD Hemp Tincture for Pets

The CBD Tincture from RE Botanicals is amazing! Holly liked the flavor too whether I added it to her food or just gave her a squirt from the dropper. I didn't see any change for a few days, but then a neighbor was lighting off fireworks and my first instinct was to go comfort Holly in one of her favorite hiding spaces, but to my surprise she was fine, resting on the couch and seemingly unaware of the noise. Like I said, amazing.

"My dog is nervous and this oil really calmed her! Normally, thunderstorms turn her into a complete wreck, but this oil calmed her completely. Super product!"

"This stuff works! I work and this helps my dog with his separation anxiety. He loves the taste too. He licks the bottle!"

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2. MedTerra's Pet CBD Tincture

I chose MedTerra's 150mg tincture for my top "budget pick" but the lower price has nothing to do with quality. This is another lab tested and verified CBD tincture. The lower price point is perfect if your not quite sure CBD is right for your dog. This CBD oil offers a safe, calming effect with little to no drowsiness. This is one of the first I tried for Holly and it's what sold me on CBD.

"Our dog runs around crazy when there's thunder and lightning. We gave her these and she was fine. So wonderful! Super service too!"

"It took a couple days to start working, but my dog has extreme anxiety. She usually barks at everyone but she's done a complete 180. Might not be for every dog but it worked for mine!"

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3. MedTerra's Pet CBD Tincture 750mg (Beef Flavor)

Another verified product from MedTerra, their chicken flavored tincture was a fantastic find. Holly loves the chicken flavor and it really called her when she had to get used to being home alone when the kids went back to school. This one contains 750mg of CBD and can be used for your other furry friends as well.

"With so many choices it's hard to know what will help. I tried with both of my dogs and it helped so much. Please try this if your dogs are anxious. It won't disappoint!"

"This product helped my little guy so much. He's a chihuahua and so shaky and anxious all the time. We gave him this and he has calmed down so much. Thank you!"

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4. Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews

Holly can be picky, but she loves these treats! Salmon and apple are the first ingredients so you'll feel good about giving them daily. Holly gets three a day since she's about sixty pounds, and you can give more or less depending on the size of your dog.

"My dog was so nervous he'd whine and chew things every night. No more! Now we can finally sleep."

"As a veterinarian, I think that this is a great product, the best on the market. The variety of flavors is great too (no, I didn't try them!) Highly recommended!"

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There you have it, my list of the 4 Best Hemp and CBD oil products to calm your anxious dog in 2020. Again, I've tried a lot of different products and these were a few I had the best luck with. Please consider giving them a try. Your anxious dog will thank you!

CBD and Hemp Oil FAQs

What is CBD oil?
CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural compound found in cannabis and hemp. It does not THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) so it has no psychoactive effects. Most CBD products come from hemp, not cannabis, which by definition has only trace amounts of THC.

Do these products really contain CBD?

Yes. All products have been quality tested to assure you receive only the best CBD products. More information is available on the retailer's website.

Are these CBD oil products safe for my dog?

All CBD and hemp oil products listed are safe for your dog. They generally have no side effects and a re a natural remedy for dog anxiety.

Are there any side effects with CBD?
There are few side effects associated with CBD use and the side effects we see are similar to what we see in humans. These are:
  • Dry Mouth - make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water
  • Drowsiness - mostly seen with higher doses
  • Lowered Blood Pressure - a temporary side effect
How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

Each product comes with directions and dosing instructions. Generally the dose is about 0.25 mg/1-pound of weight, so for example, a 40 pound dog would receive 10mg of CBD in a single dose (0.25mg x 40 lbs = 10mg)

Will CBD oil get my dog high?

No. These products contain no THC and your dog will not get high. CBD is a completely different kind of cannabinoid than THC, and CBD will reduce anxiety whereas THC can exacerbate it.

Do these CBD products actually work?

While results can vary, CBD's effectiveness as a treatment for anxiety and other health issues is well-documented and backed by science. Additionally, the vast majority of customer testimonials state that the CBD and hemp oil products work and can give your dog "a new lease on life."

Can I find CBD Oil near me?

CBD oil is sold in a variety of locations and from online vendors. We recommend TruPotency as they're the only CBD vendor we know who fully tests all brands for purity and quality.

Things to consider when buying CBD:
  • Don't automatically go for the cheapest product. Many CBD products, though cheap, are ineffective and may not even contain CBD.
  • See if your CBD has been tested and analyzed - many CBD products are not tested since it is not currently required by the FDA. Make sure you choose products that have been tested for quality and purity.
  • Don't give up! CBD can take some time to show its effectiveness and you may need to increase the dosage. Check with your veterinarian!

Are CBD oil and Hemp oil the same thing?
Yes and no. People use these terms interchangeably these days but the fact is if you have a full spectrum hemp oil, it's going to contain CBD. Beware products made from only hemp SEED oil, these contain no CBD and won't be effective for treatment.

More about my anxious dog Holly and her CBD Oil Experience:

I adopted Holly from our local Humane Society in 2016. I knew she was the dog for me as soon as I saw her. A gorgeous tan and white pit bull mix, she'd just been spayed, complete with a "cone." She was docile and sweet and wouldn't stop licking my hand as I pet her through the chain-link kennel. When we got home, all she wanted to do was cuddle on the couch. It was wonderful.

Holly's calm demeanor continued throughout her recovery, but I soon learned that docile demeanor was thanks to her post-surgery pain meds. Now don't get me wrong, Holly was as sweet as ever, but overnight she was now full of nervous energy, whined when I left the room, and when our first spring thunderstorm hit, she was an anxious mess. It killed me to hear her cry every time I left the house for the day, or to try and coax her out from under the bed during my neighbors' impromptu March fireworks display. She deserved better. I stopped at the vet, but other than a prescription for doggy Xanax, there was not much they could offer. I decided to search the web for effective treatments and that's when I stumbled onto CBD oil as a treatment for dog anxiety.

I'm skeptical by nature and typically write off natural cures as "snake-oil." However, I'd also read some studies about CBD oil for anxiety and the results were promising. I read a bunch of reviews for CBD oil and hemp oil products that were marketed toward helping dogs with conditionals like anxiety, arthritis, and even skin conditions. As I mentioned in the introduction to this article, Holly can be a little picky when it comes to treats and food, and since I expected the same from the CBD oils and treats, I decided to try a few of the different products for myself, er, for Holly. I started with the the Pets Primal oil and then I played the waiting game. The results did not occur immediately, but I fought through the whining and crying of separation anxiety, and in less than a week I began to notice a change. Not only did Holly stop crying when I left for the day, but she was calmer when I got home too. I actually found myself looking forward to the next thunderstorm, so I could see how Holly would react, and a couple months later I got my answer. The monsoon season began and the thunder didn't bother her one bit. I remember sitting on the couch when it started, Holly was in the recliner, and while I was ready for her to freak out and hide under the bed, she just kind of looked at me like, "You hear that?" before settling back into her nap.

Needless to say I was relieved. Even more so, I was shocked. This was a completely different dog, calm, not anxious or shaking with anxiety when I came and went! I decided to try a bunch of these products, just to compare the effects and I found that there are a number of effective CBD oil products that were effective in combating Holly's anxiety. She definitely prefers the "treats" but I keep a bottle of the Pets Primal anti-anxiety oil on hand should I run out of her favorite, and she takes it easily with a couple squirts in her mouth or added to her food. Again, I've tried a number of these products and the ones I've mentioned were what seemed to work the best.

We worry so much about our pets and when they're suffering, but the worst feeling an dog owner can experience is helplessness. If you have an anxious canine, I recommend you check out the reviews for CBD oil products for dogs. While they may not be effective in every case, the evidence is clear that these hemp oil and CBD products can make a real difference in your dog's life, reducing anxiety and more, and improving the quality of life for not only your dog, but for you as well.

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