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Growing 101: Beginners' Guide to Growing Weed - Growers Network

Growing 101: Beginners’ Guide to Growing Weed

7) Giving Fertilizer

Lesson Summary:
In this lesson, Jack teaches you how to add the proper amount of fertilizer and balance you pH.

Lesson Transcript:

Welcome back! It’s Jack, and today we’re going to talk about fertilizer. The fertilizer game is where most people screw up, because most people give too much fertilizer. In this video I’m going to show you how you do it right. We need to give our plants fertilizer, if we don’t feed them well, they’ll starve to death. This will make us unhappy and it’ll all turn into a cycle of sadness. But if we use too much fertilizer, the plants will suffer too. They’ll get burned, the leaves will turn brown, and the growth will be stunted. So, here’s how you give the right amount of fertilizer: You need a bucket with one gallon of water, a pipette, Flora Nova Bloom fertilizer, a TDS meter, and the dosage sheet which is linked below this video. This dosing sheet is showing you exactly how much fertilizer you need.

I recommend you use filtered water or even distilled water, why? Because tap water, especially in the United States, but also other countries, has a lot of chemicals added to it. I’m talking about fluorine and chlorine, and those kinds of things. They are not good for plants or humans. I will now check my dosage sheet. My plants are four weeks old, and at four weeks old the sheet tells me to put four milliliters (4 ml) of Flora Nova bloom into the water. So I use my pipette and put four milliliters into the water. Now I have to stir this up a bit, and now I check with this TDS meter and it says around 450 PPM (parts per million). The fertilizer sheet says we should have 600 to 800 PPM, so we can add a little more fertilizer. Now I measure again, 722, sweet! That’s right in the recommended range of 600 to 800 PPM, so at this point we can give this water to our plants, but if you want you can make this even better by pH balancing it. You don’t have to do that. but your plants will love you for it because they can eat the nutrients much better if they are in the right pH range. Now I’m going to balance the pH of this water using the Hana pH tester, and it says 6.8. We want the pH to be between 5.5 to 6.5. Ours is a little high at 6.8, so I add a little bit of pH Down into my water. It only needs a little bit. We mix that, we stir it, and I measure again. And it says 6.0, that is perfect.

This water is now ready to be given to our plants. I hope to see you in the next video.

Course Notes

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