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Growing 101: Beginners' Guide to Growing Weed - Growers Network

Growing 101: Beginners’ Guide to Growing Weed

1) Introduction

Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, Jack outlines the course and gets you pumped up to grow your own Cannabis

Lesson Transcript:

Hi there! My name is Jack from and if you would like to grow your own weed at home, then this course is for you. This video series will show you how you go from cannabis seed all the way to a big bag of weed. Growing Cannabis is a lot of fun and it’s actually not that hard to do because Cannabis literally is a weed. If you learn from the right people, then it’s hard to screw it up, and we here at, all we do is help people cultivate this special plant. So lock yourself into your chair right now, and watch the coming videos on this grow course. Because at the end, if you take action and feel inspired to do so, you will have your own big bag of weed in about four months from today.

Thank you for being a part of our community, oh and by the way, if you have any questions, be sure to post them in the Growers Network forum. The link is underneath this video. I’m in the forum every day, and I will help you out. Ready to get started? Go on to the next video; it’s all about grow equipment and what you really need. See you there!

Course Notes

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Suggested Products

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True North Seed Bank
Grow Tent Configurator
HLG 500w Quantum Boards
Quantum Board
Fluence Spyder
Ocean Forest Potting Mix
FloraNova Grow
FloraNova Bloom
pH Up
pH Down
Hanna pH Tester
HM Digital Waterproof Combo Meter
Radix Plant Rooting Compound
Air Filter
Fan Speed Controller
Timer Switch
Fabric Pots
Mini Germination Greenhouse
Five Gallon Bucket
Glass Curing Jars
Humidity Packs
Grower’s Edge Illuminated Microscope 60x – 100x
Watering Can
AzaMax Biological Insecticide, Miticide, and Nematicide

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