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Jake Galanty of Franklin Miller and His Company's Industrial Shredders

Chris DeWildt

March 15, 2019 5 min read
March 15, 2019
5 min read

An Interview with Jake Galanty of Franklin Miller

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In this interview, Growers Network talked with Jake Galanty of Franklin Miller, an industrial machinery manufacturer. Jake works in industrial sales.

The following is an interview with an industry expert. Growers Network does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our interviewees, nor do they influence our editorial process. We thank our interviewees for their time and effort so we can continue our exclusive Growers Spotlight service.

We’d like to thank Jake Galanty and Franklin Miller for taking the time to discuss their equipment with us. I recently saw one of their shredders in action recently and it was an impressive piece of machinery to say the least. Read on for more!

About Franklin Miller

Can you tell me a bit about the history of Franklin Miller?

For 100 years and for three generations, Franklin Miller Inc. has been a leader in size reduction technology involving crushers, shredders, grinders and more. Our broad line of processors includes units for cannabis processing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, minerals, wastewater treatment and many other industries. Our combination of experience in both dry solids processing and liquid or pressure seal systems has made us uniquely capable of solving many difficult customer process problems.

How does the cannabis industry use your shredders?

Our TASKMASTER® shredders are used for everything from small to large scale applications. These shredders are specifically optimized for reducing cannabis and hemp for disposal or further processing. These shredders reduce roots, bulbs, stalks, leaves, and stems as well as entire plants to help meet waste regulatory requirements, optimize storage and enhance processing. They can handle wet or dry material and can be hand fed, conveyor-fed or fed by a bucket loader, depending on the model. In addition, Franklin Miller provides a solution for fine shredding of hemp for better oil extraction.

Our Shredders are also used for the reduction of cannabis & hemp before the drying process. Proper size reduction of cannabis (and, especially hemp) help improve the functionality of downstream equipment such as dryers. Hemp is a stringy, fibrous plant. If it’s not chopped into small, distinct pieces during the harvesting process it will catch up in dryers, creating tangled tumbleweeds that need to be manually removed before they create a fire hazard or simply clog the system. Franklin Miller has the Shredding System to achieve the right particle size to overcome these issues.

About Franklin Miller’s Equipment

Why should someone purchase your shredder over one of your competitors?

Each Franklin Miller unit is backed by 100 years of size reduction expertise. We have many design features that set these units apart in addition to the superior quality overall construction. For example, our patented Cutter Cartridge® technology is incorporated into our units, creating a major advantage for strength and longevity. The Cutter Cartridge® design takes 6 individual cutters and spacers (a total of 12 pieces) and combines them into one element. With 1/12 of the moving parts, the design is much more efficient. The Cutter Cartridge is also easy to install and there is no longer any need for stack re-tightening.

Can you tell us about the manufacturing process of your shredders?

Every machine is made right here in the USA in our Livingston, NJ factory to highest precision. Before the machines are shipped, they are functionally tested under power to assure they meet our exacting standards for performance.

The Taskmaster is only one of the many industrial machines manufactured by Franklin Miller.

Franklin Miller’s Place in the Cannabis Industry

Have you noticed an increased demand for your product as cannabis/hemp gains acceptance around the world?

As the cannabis and hemp industry continues to grow, so does our place in them. Because we have proven to be such an effective choice for so many cannabis and hemp processing plants, we are certainly seeing an increase in referrals and business in these areas. Having a source for machines that are fast, reliable and quiet, is helping streamlining the operation of growers and processors in the industry and making their life a lot easier.

How do your shredders help the cannabis industry stay compliant?

Our shredders help cannabis processors meet disposal regulations. When shredding cannabis roots, bulbs, stalks, leaves, stems, as well as entire plants, our shredders get them down to a uniform and unrecognizable size. In addition, these shredders have the power to reduce a variety of materials mixed in with the cannabis waste to dilute it. This is really important for compliance with regulations. As per the local regulations, cannabis waste needs to be mixed with soil or cardboard before disposal; Franklin Miller Shredders reduce the cannabis waste while mixing it with soil. This simply eliminates the additional mixing step.

Anything interesting coming up in the future? New equipment or news?

Our New KM05 is the latest design for producing a fine, uniformly ground output for lab or pilot applications. This unit will be a good choice for fine processing of cannabis and hemp for further use – extremely valuable equipment for small scale manufacturers and new starters in the industry. KM05 is fully scalable to large production units. We are excited to be included in Canna Cribs’ most recent episode at Rare Dankness. Also, we’ll be attending the MJBiz Con in December 2019.

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About the Interviewee

Jake Galanty works in Industrial Sales for Franklin Miller.