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November 12, 2018 3 min read
November 12, 2018
3 min read

Captiva Verde Land Corp Announces Mexican Cannabis Infused Alcohol Venture

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Captiva Verde Land Corp Announces Mexican Cannabis Infused Alcohol Venture

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632 Foster Avenue, Coquitlam
British Columbia V3J 2L7

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Captiva Verde Land Corp (the “Captiva”), is pleased to announce that further to the Supreme Court of Mexico approving the legalization of cannabis for all forms of adult use, Captiva has reached an agreement with S & G Procesos Industriales, S.A de C.V (“S & G”) of Mexico, for the infusion of legal cannabis products into well established Mexican alcoholic products. The terms of the agreement, is the issuance of one million common shares of Captiva Verde Land Corp, payable to S & G upon approval of the Canadian Securities Exchange. S & G will be responsible for the infusion and distribution of the finished products for the local and export market. The millennial old process of infusing wines or alcohol with Cannabis has returned to center stage, as it is well documented, the health benefits of hemp and cannabis into quality drinks.

This venture is significant for Captiva as it is complementary to our strategy of acquiring from Mexican landowners, land and permits for the cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis and hemp products.

About Captiva

Captiva Verde Land Corp is a sustainable real estate company that invests in assets that contain green residential communities, disruptive manufacturing facilities, organic food production and Cannabis operations. Captiva is listed as a Life Sciences company on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol PWR.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors

“Jeff Ciachurski”

Jeffrey Ciachurski
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Cell: (949) 903-5906
E-mail: [email protected]

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