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October 6, 2018 6 min read
October 6, 2018
6 min read

5 Cannabis Themed Museums You Want to Visit

In this article, Growers Network introduces you to a few Cannabis-themed museums for your education and amusement.

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5 Cannabis Themed Museums You Want to Visit

When most people think “education,” “culture,” or “museum,” their next thought is usually something other than Cannabis. Fortunately for us, some people do think about Cannabis more seriously, and as a result there are a number of interesting destinations for those interested not only in Cannabis use, but the plant’s history and culture as well. So, come on! Let’s take a (virtual) tour of five cannabis themed museums!

The Cannabis Museum

This Cannabis Museum, located in Ohio, features a privately owned collection of artifacts and educational materials designed to inform the public about the Cannabis plant’s place in American culture prior to its prohibition. The collection includes numerous examples of Cannabis products sold to the public prior to its ban, such as tonics and tinctures. The museum is supported through sale of high-quality, framed photos of the museum’s artifacts that include a wide variety of packaging images highlighting Cannabis’s accepted place in American culture prior to 1937. You can visit them online here to browse their collection and purchase prints.


Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Cannabition Cannabis Museum is billed as “the world’s only immersive Cannabis Museum.” This Cannabis-themed art museum is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and features exhibits celebrating the art, culture, and history of Cannabis use. The Cannabition Cannabis Museum features exhibits such as the 24-foot tall Bongzilla (the world’s largest bong), rooms designed to give you the experience of “being high” without ingesting anything, and a number of other interactive exhibits. While you can’t use Cannabis at the museum currently, they are keeping a close eye on Nevada law which will hopefully soon allow public consumption cafes. You can visit the museum online here or in person at 450 Fremont St #140, Las Vegas, NV 89101

At 24 feet tall, “Bongzilla” is the largest bong in the world

Hash, Marihuana, and Hemp Museum

The Hash, Marihuana, and Hemp Museum has two European locations: one in Spain and the other appropriately located in Amsterdam. It features a number of interesting historical artifacts related to Cannabis and hemp cultivation. Exhibits include:

  1. Hemp fashion in early Japan
  2. A hemp surfboard
  3. Cannabis cartoons
  4. Cannabis pharmaceutical artifacts
  5. The history of hash making
  6. And much more from Cannabis culture all over the world.

You can visit them online here or in person at either Carrer Ample, 35, 08002 Barcelona, Spain or Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148, 1012 DV Amsterdam, Netherlands


The History of Cannabis Museum

Located in Washington DC, the History of Cannabis Museum features a variety of exhibits and artifacts highlighting the history of the plant from its earliest usage by ancient people to its place in modern culture. Exhibits change throughout the year, but always focus on medical, legal, cultural, historical information, and events impacting the Cannabis industry. Run by the Grow Club of DC, you can visit them online here or in person at 2822 Georgia Ave. NW Washington, DC 20001


DEA Museum

While the DEA Museum’s scope goes beyond Cannabis, it has a significant amount of information on Cannabis. This museum provides information on the “war on drugs,” although fans of Cannabis will find the bias against the plant amusing (and/or terrifying). We recommend looking at their virtual exhibits such as the fawning tribute to prohibitionist lawman Harry Anslinger, as well as a look at Cannabis as part of the museum’s series on “Nature’s Addictive Plants.” If you visit them in person, you can pick up some merch that you can wear ironically! You can visit them at 700 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA 22202

dea museum

These are only a few of the museum’s that focus on Cannabis culture. If you’re not close enough to visit one of these, see what’s in your area. You may be surprised what you’ll find. As Cannabis becomes more popular, there are more and more Cannabis events and activities than you may realize.

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