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January 31, 2019 3 min read
January 31, 2019
3 min read

5 Best Bubble Hash Extraction Machine Kits for 2020

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A lot of people want to know how to make their own bubble hash. We feature the best 5 bubble hash extraction kits that will have you converting that trim in no time.

Disclaimer: Be aware of the laws regarding hash and extractions in your jurisdiction before processing your trim. Growers Network wants you to obey the law and assumes no responsibility if you don't.

What is bubble hash?

I love hash, I do. I love the way it smells, I love the way it tastes, and I love the way it smokes. But what is hash? What's the difference between hash and marijuana? Hash comes from marijuana, and in its simplest form, hash is just pressed kief. There are several ways to extract kief from your trim, and one of the most popular methods is ice water extraction. In a nutshell, all you need to extract hash with ice water is a 5-gallon bucket and then perform a series of filtrations with finer and finer mesh bags while agitating your product.The result is a rich collection of trichomes/kief that can be dried and pressed into hash. A few of the products include an automatic agitator, but this piece of equipment isn't necessary. It will speed up the process for sure, but if you don't mind being the agitator, the equipment cost is minimal. Pro tip: Freeze your trim before extraction for optimal hash yield!

Have additional questions about hash extraction? Check out our FAQs

Want to know a bit more about the history of hash? Click here.

Quick Look at the 6 best bubble hash extraction kits

Best of the Best Bubble Hash Extractor Kit:
Bubble Bag Dude 8-Bag Bubble Hash Extraction Machine

High quality and easy to use. This kit gets high marks for durability and ease of use.

Best Budget Extractor Kit: ZenHydro's iPower 5-Gallon 8-Bag Bubble Hash Extractior Kit

Great hash extraction kit for the budget-minded. Comes with carrying case and pressing screen!

Note: My recommendations for the 6 best bubble hash ice water extraction kits are based on first-hand research with extractors, overall customer satisfaction, and positive product reviews.

1. Bubble Bag Dude - 8-Bag Herbal Extraction Machine

A complete system promises the biggest yield of any bubble bags on the market. Bubble Bag Dude import their high-quality mesh from Germany and all bags are manufactured in the USA. I've talked to extractors who are big fans of this brand and they tell me it's a great system for hash extraction. Additionally, the colored bags make the process easy. See what customers are saying.

“Simple and very reliable. Anyone can make hash with this kit!”
“Dope machine. Turned my crap trim into awesome hash.”
“Great price and definitely recommend for anyone wanting to make hash.”

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2. Bubble Bag Dude - 5-Bag Hash Extraction Machine

Another highly rated product from Bubble Bag Dude. This one is a little cheaper than the 8-bag system, because surprise, it comes with fewer bags. That fact shouldn't dissuade you though. I know extractors who use only two bags when they're making bubble hash, so five is plenty for your hash extraction.

“Works well and let me do three batches in the time it usually takes for one. Get it!”
“I love this machine. easy to use and makes the procdess sooo much easier.”
“Extracted my first batch a couple days ago. I'm a caregiver and my patients loved what I made.”

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3. Casolly 5-Gallon 8-Bag Herbal Ice Bubble Hash Bag Extractor Kit

A low-budget option for your bubble hash extraction needs. While this kit doesn’t include a agitation machine, you can still make your own quality hash with this kit. It even includes a pollen press for pressing that dry product into bricks when you're done. This is another highly-rated products with great reviews.

“Pollen press is a great add on. Works great. A+”

“Does what it's advertised to do. Love this set of bags! Super easy to use too.”

“High quality product. Well made and made to last.”

“This is great for dry ice extraction. Very durable. Good for dry ice extraction. Pollen press is nice too.”

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4. ZenHydro's iPower 5-Gallon 8-Bag Bubble Hash Extraction Kit

Another budget option, this hash extraction kit from iPower is highly rated by hundreds of reviewers. This kit includes 8 bags, a carrying bag, and a pressing screen. This is one of the best hash extraction kits for beginners. It's easy to use and gives great yields.

"I've already used these bags several times and they are holding up. Quality is on point. Price is right too!
"I have done seven extractions and no problems. Easy instructions and really high quality."
"Heavy duty bags that worked perfectly."

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5. Bubble Magic 20-Gallon Washing Machine and Extraction Bags

Don't balk at the price tag; this is a heavy duty 20-gallon extraction kit. While not for everyone, this hash extraction kit is for people with more trim than your average home extractor. This one scores high for separation and ease of use. If you're doing a lot of hash extractions, this is the product you want.

“Makes the process so much easier (and less messy). I recommend this product!”
“Cleanest head separation on the market for ice water extraction. I highly recommend this to the hash maker."
“Love this machine. Really takes the effort out of mixing. “

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You ready to make some bubble hash? Send us a message and let us know how it turns out! Need additional help? Check out our forum of cannabis experts! Happy Extracting!

Bubble Hash FAQs

Can I use dry ice for hash extraction?
Yes! Be sure to wear gloves.

How do I make bubble hash?
Bubble hash is made by pressing kief. To get the kief you need to extract it. Ice water extraction is a popular, low-cost method and in its simplest form is done by filtering the trichomes and kief from your trim in mesh bags and agitating in ice water.

How do you smoke bubble hash?
Bubble hash can be smoked by itself or packed in a bowl alongside flower for an extra something special.

What is bubble hash?
Bubble hash is a cannabis extract made by mechanically extracting the trichomes/kief from trim.

A little hash history never hurts:

I firmly believe that if you want to do something, you should learn a bit about it beyond the "how-to" aspect. If you want to make your own hash, it may help you to have a a grasp on the historical context. Will it make you a better bubble hash extractor? Well, I'll tell you this: it won't make you any worse! Back when hash began to enter the Western consciousness, there were no extraction bags or hash extraction machines to help. It was truly a labor of love to manufacture this cannabis extract.

Hashish arrived in Europe by way of the Asian continent in the 1700s. Though primarily a recreational substance, hashish was touted by a number of medical professionals as not only an anesthetic, but a homeopathic cure as well. In a 1839 study, hemp was recommended for allieviation of symptoms such as rabies, cholera, and tetanus. Around the same time, Psychiatrist Jacques-Joseph Moreau recommended hash as the primary medication for treatment of psychiatric symptoms. By the 1900s hash compounds were used in nearly every country in Europe as well as the USA for treatment of pain, migraine, dysmenorrhea, pertussis asthma, insomnia, stomach ache, depression, diarrhea, diminished appetite, pruritus, hemorrhage, Basedow syndrome, and malaria.

But hash wasn't just about medicine. Recreationally, hashish became popular among the artist crowds in Europe, with "hash houses" popping up in major cities. These hash houses were communal places specifically created for hash smokers to come together to smoke and socialize. Famous hash proponents include Théophile Gautier, Dr. Moreau de Tours, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Baudelaire and Honoré de Balzac. Baudelaire later wrote about being under the influence of hash in his book, Les paradis artificiels. About this time, American author Fitz Hugh Ludlow wrote the 1857 book The Hasheesh Eater about his experiences with the drug as a youth. You have a book in you dying to get out? Maybe hash can provide that inspiration you need.

Things changed for hash stateside with the Marihuana (sic) Tax act of 1937. The law placed a high tax on Cannabis, essentially making it inaccessible (an illegal) for the vast majority of people. Alongside the devil's lettuce, its extracts were banned as well, including hash.

Marijuana and hash were still enjoyed during this time, primarily among musicians and artists. It wasn't until the counterculture revolution of the 1960s that hash began to become more popular with more "mainstream" users such as the hippies, college students, and soldiers. Movies such as Midnight Express drew attention to hash, the major plot point of the film involves a young American arrested in Turkey as he attempts to smuggle Turkish hash back to the states. Despite President Nixon's War on Drugs of the early 70s, some cite this era as the beginning of cannabis "normalization," a process that is still underway, but gaining traction not only in the US but around the world. So now you might be saying, "that's great historical context, but what about hash extraction? When did people start making hash? When did they start doing ice water hash extractions?" Fear not, I've got that covered.

Initially, hash was made by collecting the sticky resins from cannabis buds by pressing or rubbing the flower between the maker's hands and then forming the sticky resins into a small ball of hashish called charas. Later, mechanical separation methods were developed to remove the trichomes from the dried plant material either by using a dry tumbler or sifting the material through a screen. The resulting powder is "kief" and when it's compressed into blocks, sometimes with the aid of heat, you have hash.

Ice-water separation is a common mechanical method of isolating kief. The ice-water method uses water, ice, filtration bags with various gauges of mesh screens, plant material, and agitation. The advantage to ice water extraction is that the has products is solid, brittle, and easier to handle than the sticky charas. Ice water extraction allows large quantities of pure resin to be extracted from plant material. It's a clean process done without solvents as the trichomes break away from the plant material, sifting through a series of bags which traps plant material and impurities.ter extraction method the resin becomes hard and brittle and can easily be separated. This allows large quantities of pure resins to be extracted in a very clean process without the use of solvents, making for a more purified hashish. It's also worth mentioning that there are non-mechanical chemical methods available but these result in oil products that are not classified as true hash.

So there you have it, the hash knowledge you wanted and the recommendations for the products that will help you use it. Happy hashing!
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