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November 12, 2018 4 min read
November 12, 2018
4 min read

Vera Cultivation Redefines the Cannabis Production Model with Ultra-Efficient Hybrid Facility

Vera Cultivation announces a redefining of the Cannabis production model.

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A unique blend of technologies allows Vera Cultivation to grow cannabis under the sun while maintaining an indoor environment.

(Boulder, CO) – PRESS RELEASE – Vera Cultivation, a Boulder-based cannabis company, launches a new model for sustainable cannabis production this summer. Vera has combined the advantages of greenhouse and indoor production to create a new cultivation model — dispelling the notion that greenhouse cannabis is inferior to indoor-grown product quality.

To ensure quality of product and maintain efficiency, the greenhouse is fully sealed–a radical departure from traditional greenhouse design. Vera utilizes chilled water to cool the environment and hydroponic cultivation systems. Automated cooling, dehumidification, and re-humidification systems combine to create a precisely controlled environment day or night throughout the year. “We identified weaknesses within the standard cultivation models that dominate our industry,” said Vera Cultivation CEO, Alex Park. “Indoor facilities create the best product but with unsustainable energy demands. Outdoor production and traditional greenhouses can be efficient, but the quality of product is unreliable.”

Resource efficiency was a critical consideration incorporated into the facility design. Spent irrigation water is recaptured to limit water consumption. In order to maximize usable sunlight and minimize energy consumption from conventional grow lights, Vera chose a greenhouse glazing material which enables full spectrum light to reach the plants and stimulate cannabinoid production. “Our model–a fusion of both greenhouse and indoor benefits–will bridge the gap between greenhouse efficiency and indoor quality. We will demonstrate that the production of high-quality cannabis does not have to come with a price tag on the environment,” says Park.

Vera is a Boulder-based cannabis cultivation company with a mission to meet the rigorous wholesale product demands of the retail and extraction markets. In an evolving and fiercely competitive landscape, where sourcing clean, high-end material is essential to maintaining brand identity, Vera is the preferred cultivation solution for the cannabis industry.


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