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December 12, 2018 4 min read
December 12, 2018
4 min read

5 Cannabis-Themed Holiday Gifts

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We thought we might take a deviation from our normally-scheduled publication and have a bit of fun for the season of festivities!

Most people have trouble finding the perfect gift for their relatives. After all, if your relative has money, they usually already have the things that they want. If your relatives don’t have money, it feels like a cop-out to give them money instead of a gift.

But you know what’s never a bad gift? Flowers.

So without further ado, let’s go over 5 Cannabis-themed holiday gifts, and see if we can’t find something that all of your relatives can enjoy!

#1. An Ounce

It’s hard to go wrong with a plain ol’ jar of good flower. After all, if you’re an adult in a recreational state, why not? You’ll get a few days worth of enjoyment out of an ounce of cannabis (or hours if you’re particularly enthusiastic). So why not drop by your nearest dispensary and pick something good up?

#2. A Vape and E-liquid

For the cannabis users in your life who prefer a more casual cannabis experience, vapes are a great choice. A good vape provides ease-of-use, discretion, and comfort that a joint, bong, or dab might not. Always read the reviews for the vapes you buy. Sometimes things that are expensive are worse!

#3. Cannabis Apparel

Now I know what you’re thinking, “People look silly when they wear weed apparel.” After all, I’m sure most of you have seen that guy at conventions who wears the giant marijuana costume.

But no, we’re talking something a little classier than that. Have you seen some of the cool stuff coming out of cannabis culture these days? There’s shirts celebrating THC, there’s UV-protective clothing, and there’s even cannabis-themed jewelry! If your relative really appreciates cannabis, they will appreciate classy apparel.

#4. A Stash

Not cutting it anymore.

Of course, if your relative has pets or kids, it’s important that they have a safe place to stash their goodies that won’t attract the youngins or furry friends. And that’s where an odor-resistant bag comes in handy. Check out some of this sweet luggage that can serve to hide odors and keep your flowers safe!

#5. A Yuletide “Tree”

This one may take a little bit more work, but in our “How to Grow” series, we’re explaining the steps on how to grow your own cannabis. Some plants can grow to be the size of small trees — perfect for hanging some tinsel and decorations off of!

It’s festive, non-denominational, and while it may be flammable, at least you’ll have fun if it goes up!

So what do you think? Do you have your own ideas for cannabis-related gifts? Join the discussion on the forum now!

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