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August 22, 2016 12 min read
August 22, 2016
12 min read

Integrated Pest Management

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In this Growers Spotlight we interview Jordan Mello, the Master Grower for In Good Health, a state-licensed, non-profit medical marijuana dispensary located in Brockton, MA.

Jordan gives us an insider view on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and explains why MA IPM policies will most likely have an impact on current and future state regulations with regard to cannabis testing, quality control, and pesticides.

If you have any questions related to IPM, growing in MA, commercial cultivation, or direct questions for Jordan, you can post in the comments section below.

What is the definition of IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and keep pesticides and other interventions to levels that are economically justified and reduce or minimize risks to human health and the environment. IPM emphasizes the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms.

Massachusetts's IPM

We apply pesticides about 3 days a week, with a rotation of Biosafe Systems ZeroTol, a neem oil product, and Procidic.Jordan Mello

Jordan Mello's IPM Regimen

Regulations change constantly. You need to cover your bases and be cautious on things you bring in.Jordan Mello

Growers Network Questions

The interesting thing about my job is that none of my days are ever the same.Jordan Mello

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  • How to manage Spider Mites -- University of California IPM
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  • Pesticide Database -- Pesticide Action Network
  • National Organic Program -- USDA
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    Do you have any questions or comments?

    Feel free to post below!

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