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February 8, 2019 16 min read
February 8, 2019
16 min read

9 Best LED Lights for Your Cannabis Grow – 2020

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In this article, we talk about the 9 best LEDs for your marijuana grow!


Disclaimer: Please check the legal status of growing cannabis in your jurisdiction before you begin your grow. Growers Network isn’t responsible if you decide to break the law!

Hello readers! With all the available grow equipment available, selecting the right products for your grow can be a daunting task. In the GN spirit of providing education and guidance, here are the nine best LED grow lights for you to consider.

Quick Look at the 9 best LEDs for your cannabis grow

1. Grower's Favorite: Growflux Fluxscale Top Light 600TL LED Grow Light
High quality, fully programmable light. This one was mentioned by a number of cannabis growers as their favorite LED.

2. Best Light for a Budget: Horticulture Lighting Group 100w Single Quantum Board
Great, high-quality light for a small grow. Perfect LED if you're just starting out growing cannabis or don't have a lot to spend.

3. Best of the Best: Fluence Spyderx Plus 660
This attractive LED fixture is another customer favorite. Many reports of higher marijuana yields, lower running temperature, and long life.

Note: My top picks for Best LED for your Cannabis grow are based on discussions with professional growers, overall customer satisfaction, and number of positive reviews.

LEDs: What are they?

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a type of lighting used in plant cultivation. LED grow lights utilize hundreds these surface semiconductors to produce varied wavelengths of light which work together to create the ideal color spectrum for maximum photosynthesis and growth. Recent technological innovations have made them

LEDs: The Benefits

There are several advantages to LEDs that should make you consider them over CMH and HPS lamps. In addition to being lightweight, LEDs operate much cooler than other types of lighting, and this can be particularly important when climate is a factor. LEDs also use significantly less energy than other types of lighting which is great for the environment and your power bill.

The nine Best LEDs for your Cannabis Grow

1. Fluence Spydrx Plus 660


Our best of the best pick, the Fluence Spyder 660 is definitely one of the most robust full-spectrum LED lights on the market. Providing an even light spread and delivering a PPFD of over 900, this light is ideal for nearly any grow operation. With its sleek, low profile design, this light is as much of a showpiece as it is a high-quality LED. Also, each Fluence LED is made to order! Think Fluence LEDs for your commercial cultivation or hobby grow needs!

"Since switching over to the SPYDRx Plus, I have been very impressed. The light distribution is fantastic. The plants love it, producing higher quality flowers. I am a veganic grower, and using this highly efficient lighting system is an energy saving plus...excellent product." - Customer Review

"These are the real deal. Halfway though one run I could tell they were going to replace my 600w HPS setup. There is less stretch, the flowers are closer together, and the buds are more dense. I’m blown away by these. I’m cheap and still would have paid double. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Instead of hot and cool spots from reflectors and a single light source, I have perfectly even light intensity from multiple sources. Im buying their RAZRX and Ray series lights for my other lighting needs. I’ll never buy another set of bulbs again. I will definitely buy whatever Fluence sells in the next decade to replace my aging SPYDRX Plus." - Customer Review

Buy Now! $1500

2. Solar System 1100 by California Lightworks w/ Hangers and LED Glasses


This LED from California Light Works is a fully-programmable* lighting solution for your indoor garden. The largest light CLW has manufactured to date, the Solar Storm stays relatively cool compared to HPS lighting, even in hotter climates, so you’ll have little trouble ventilating your room and keeping temperatures where you want them. And don’t fret the added “bulk” of this grow light. The heavy duty construction allows the diodes to be pushed to the limit!

*LED controller sold separately

"I've been using the SolarStorm 880 for a few years now and recently expanded. I was looking for more of these but was told that the 880 had been discontinued. The sales person recommended the 1100 UVB because it was like an updated version of the 880 and even better. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and this thing is making my 880 jealous! Thanks CLW!" - Customer Review

"Just one week with the California 1100 commercial series my plants gave me such amazing results I was astonish two thumbs up California light works Being able to control the light spectrum is a essential tool in the growers arsenal of tools." - Customer Review

Buy Now! $1599

3. Horticulture Lighting Group 550W 4 Quantum Boards HLG 550 V2 LED


The HLG 550w LED grow light gets high marks for performance and durability. These 4 quantum boards are dimmable to help you save on energy costs during lower light growth periods. Delivers over 1100 PPFD on 480 watts of power. Efficient passive cooling makes maintaining optimal temperatures a breeze. Includes dimmable power supply.

"You will not find a better 1000W equivalent given their 2.5umol/J output! I have been able to literally double my yields with this light. I am struggling maintaining higher temps because the passive cooling on this light is so efficient that I have to add supplemental heat in my tent...imagine? Due to this, I am able to maintain optimal CO2 levels without having to constantly exhaust. Way to go HLG!" - Customer Review

"I have 2 550s. they increased my yield from VHO t5s from 1.25# each to 2.25# each in the exact same space, environment, feed regimen and lowered my energy usage from 2200w to less than 1000w. A big W in my book." - Customer Review

Buy Now! $892

4. Horticulture Lighting Group 300W 2 Quantum Boards HLG 300 V2 LED


The HLG 300w LED grow light is perfectly designed for small space growing. The HLG 300 watt’s 2 quantum boards are dimmable to help you save on energy costs during lower light growth periods. Delivers over 600 PPFD. Efficient passive cooling makes maintaining optimal temperatures a breeze. Includes dimmable power supply.

"Great lights. Bright lights. Great price. Upgraded from a cheap dormgrow light which was about 70 bucks more than this was,that grew nothing but stringy plants. Now i'm getting some nice thick buds. the trich action is crazy. I will most definitely be coming back for another HLG when the time calls for it.
The difference between my old light and this one is simple. Went from growing some reggie looking plants to some exotic looking plants. Salute!" - Customer Review

"I am amazed with the new quantum board!!! This light is awesome..there are no moving parts to worry about and no more screws and wire harnesses to disconnect to service blown 5w leds. Applications are endless with the 4 separate ratchet yo-yo’s, I can shine my 300 at any angle to put the light where the others can’t...I am getting over 50,000lux per sq/m, which is amazing considering lumens aren’t the major concern with these lights...I use my 10yrs of experience to tell if my girls are just happy to be cared for or if they are acting like they are at a Justin Bieber concert and I’m Justin myself!!! All I can say about HLG’s quantum board is hopefully yours turns you into more of an Elvis and you hear the same crowd roaring when you open your tent,room or closet." - Customer Review

Buy Now! $540

5. Horticulture Lighting Group 100W 1 Quantum Boards HLG 100 LED


Our pick for best budget LED, the HLG 100w LED grow light is designed for small space growing. With a 2x2 foot flowering footprint (3x3 foot vegetative), the HLG 100 watt is a single quantum board that delivers enough full-spectrum light to replace your 200W T5 or 250W CFL. Also, the HLG 100 watt is passively cooled and makes it easy to keep temperatures where you want them.

"3lbs per light... A/C hardly runs. Don’t let any poor experiences with led grow lights taint your expectations here... these lights work!" - Customer Review

"It’s the perfect solution for one looking for a great grow tent light. It’s packaging is perfect, very secure and neatly packaged. It emits no sound or heat whatsoever and is SUPER bright for 100w pulled from the wall. The best efficiency I’ve encountered in LED panels. It mimics the sun light full spectrum and it’s perfect for vegetative or flowering stages. It’s super lightweight and very easy to set up and hanging. HLG is in the cutting edge of LED panels for growth. Totally recommend it. It’s the BEST deal I’ve found on LED panels. Don’t buy these cheap pink Chinese grow lights, go for the best: Quantum Boards!" - Customer Review

Buy Now! $149

6. Nextlight LED Mega 650w


The Nextlight LED Mega 650w let’s you do more with less. Replace your inefficient 1000w LED with this full-spectrum 40,000+ workhorse. With low heat emission while still delivering 1400 PPFD, this is one of the most efficient LEDs on the market. Includes fixture, V-hooks, power cables, and instruction manual.

"This is the light I was waiting for. I've been a fence sitter for years watching the development of led's. Light Bright's, cob's, Kind, you name it. Then this thing came out. FULL spectrum, 2/3 the heat of a DE, 650 watts consumption, 5 x 5 flower footprint tested by me. Produces at least as good if not better (seems better) than the Horti's I use. Solid flowers with awesome oil production. Aromas are off the charts. On and off are the only choices of operation, no dimming or grow/bloom switch. So what. The Sun doesn't either. White Light is Right." - Customer Review

"The nextlight mega is a game changer for any and all growers, whether a commercial, boutique, or accomplished home grower, very efficient and only 2200 btu's per light, and only 675 watts and 2.7 amps simply put, a game changer." - Customer Review

Buy Now $1526

7. Kind LED K5 XL1000 Grow Light w/ Hangers + GroVision LED Glasses


When control is key, the Kind LED K5 XL 1000 LED grow light has your back. In addition to the hangers and GroVision glasses, this lights gives you the ability to control your integrated timer, customize the spectrum, and even includes a sunrise/sunset function, all of which are fully accessible from the included handheld remote.

"Received this light the other week to run a test against some others , very high quality, great light spectrum, customer support is top notch Ran a par test myself at 40 inches of the net, very high par all around; plants are growing quickly and looking good. Yes it is a expensive light, but you do get what you pay for, you are paying for the warranty, service, and support that comes from buying one of the top lights on the market. I would recommend this light as a replacement for 1000w hps." - Customer Review

"I'm really impressed with this light. I've run a couple cycles on it and it definitely does the trick. The built in timer and individual light functions are great and extremely useful. All in all, worth the money and I'm sure your electric bill will benefit." - Customer Review

Buy Now! $1695

8. LumiGrow Pro Series E LED - PRO 650E SV

grow light

The LumiGrow Pro Series E LED gives you full-power function for robust growth. This fixture runs 70% cooler than traditional HIDs and you can expect big energy savings as well. What more, you can easily apply automation to your operation by upgrading with the LumiGrow smartPar system (sold separately).

"Bought this Lumigrow 650 back in 2015, and it’s been amazing to me ever since. I’ve used it for over 2 years, literally everyday (12-20 hrs a day) since I got it, and I’ve never had any issues with it at all. The comparison to HPS using the same strain, watering and nutrients schedule was quite incredible. If someone would have told me they were 2 different strains, I would have believed them. The Lumigrow end product was definitely better than the HPS." - Customer Review

"The best part of this LED light is that I can adjust the each light pending what part of the life cycle I’m at - More Blue for growth and more red for flower and can place it super close to the crop. Heat is minimal. Overall, I love this light!" - Customer Review

Buy Now! $999

9. GrowFlux FluxScale Top Light 600TL Horticulture LED Grow Light


Our "Growers Choice" pick, FluxScale™ Top Light is a connected, fully tune-able broad spectrum horticultural lighting platform designed for greenhouses and high intensity indoor top lighting applications. FluxScale Top Light features GrowFlux’s patent-pending Precision PAR™ Control technology, allowing growers to dial in precise quantities of light across batches and fixtures for repeatable results. Unit controllers sold separately and can manage as many as 1000 lights each.

"The best of the best, I'm in love. this thing has it all, and i haven't yet find anything i don't like about it. Makes growing a lot more fun." - Customer Review

"The most sophisticated and tuneable light on the market. Don't overlook this amazing light especially if your looking to become a more sophisticated grower. Great light!" - Customer Review
Buy Now! $1350

There you have it, our recommendation for the best LEDs for your cannabis grow. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you can get it with these fantastic LEDs. Happy growing!

Have questions? Want to know more about the advantages of LEDs? Read our LED FAQs and additional info below!


How do I grow marijuana with LEDs?
LED lights are hung above your cannabis in an indoor grow. The light emitting diodes simulate sunlight and is the only light source you need to grow cannabis.

What height should you hang your LEDs over your plants?
Generally speaking, LEDs are hung closer to the plant than other types of lighting. However, the distance varies depending on the wattage you’re using so it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer. Here’s a link to a handy guide.

Which are the best led lights for growing marijuana?
There are a number of high quality LEDs for growing marijuana. We’ve done the research for you with this Best 9 Lights for Your Cannabis Grow.

What is the LED color spectrum for growing marijuana?
LEDs provide full spectrum visible light for your cannabis grow. Some systems are adjustable for optimal vegetative, flowering, and cloning growth, but in general, an LED specifically manufactured for grow is designed to provide optimal light during all stages of growth.

More About LED Lights for Your Cannabis Grow

There was a time when very few growers would consider, let alone recommend, LED lights for growing cannabis. But as technology advances, manufacturers have been able to refine the design of these light emitting diodes to provide a high quality light source perfect for your grow.

Modern LEDs have come a long way since their initial development and use in practical technology. The advantages of LEDs include lower energy consumption than traditional HID and CMH lamps. Additional improvements include a improved durability, small size, and faster switching of the diodes. In fact, LED technology has improved so much that can even be used as in-home lighting.

Advantages of LEDs

Color: LED lighting will emit a specified color of light with no need for filters, and that means less to buy at start-up.

Slow failure: LEDs fail by dimmer over time versus the immediate failure of other lighting solutions.

Efficiency: LED lights produce more lumens per watt than incandescent lighting. LED efficiency isn't affected by the shape or size the way it is with florescent lights or tubes.

Warmup: LEDs warm up quickly, full brightness in about a microsecond.

Cycling: LEDs are perfect for applications requiring frequent on-off cycling and won't fail as quickly as other lighting types subjected to cycling.

Cool light: LEDs radiate little heat compared to other horticultural lighting types.

Dimming: LEDs can be dimmed by lowering the forward current or pulse width modulation.

Lifetime: Generally, LEDs have a long, useful life. They require less maintenance too.

Shock resistance: LEDs are solid-state components and durable. They aren't as fragile as other lighting types.

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