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December 6, 2017 5 min read
December 6, 2017
5 min read

Chong’s Choice – The Sauce from Shango Las Vegas

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Gentleman Toker reviews "Chong's Choice - The Sauce," obtained from Shango Las Vegas. What shenanigans shall we get up to today?

Joe Tierney

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Quick Look

  • Pros

    Cheap ounces available. It's Tommy Chong's weed, man! Great nose, heavy hitter.

  • Cons

    Tommy Chong's weed comes in an unbranded jar, whaaaaat?

Shango made my list of Vegas dispensaries to check out since they were also a cultivation center (meaning they grow the flowers there, too, as well as perform extraction and make their own edibles), but when I saw they had Chong’s Choice flowers on their extensive menu, my purchase was made for me. We get to review cannabis personally endorsed by Tommy freakin Chong today! For serious, mister?

When I was in town for the first few days of rec sales, I found good pricing all around. I mean, I got a lot. In Shango, they had “easy ounces” which were cheap - $199 - available in a lot of different strains, and tiered pricing up from there. So, has it changed since I was in town? Well, ignorance is often a matter of choice in 2017- if you want to know what cannabis in Vegas costs, you can just go look it up. Here’s a Shango easy ounce for $199, here’s an ounce of Dark Knight for $249 and you can clicky click for a while yourself, there’s plenty more. And the taxes are reasonable, too, like 15%. So I’ll post receipts in my reviews, but looks like I lost this one. Oops.

Sorry, girls, must have been having too much fun!

Of course, if you want to smoke like Chong, you’re gonna pay a little more. So I did, because I want to! And at $57 an eighth, it’s still reasonably priced. I was impressed with most of the flower I found around Vegas- excellent scent profiles all around- and, unlike the REEF’s premium Khalifa Kush brand, I could give Chong’s Choice a look and a sniff before committing to the purchase. Now, they don’t let you smell the concentrate at Shango, but that was pretty typical of my Vegas experiences. At least they let you see it - not everybody did.

The nose on The Sauce is deep, rich, with heavy citrus tones. I was convinced it was primarily limonene until I checked the label and found myrcene is actually the strongest terpene presence at 3.88mg/g. Linalool clocks in at .17mg/g and limonene is only .07. THC is a solid 21.4%, no CBN or CBD detected. The light green buds are delivered fresh, despite the prepack, and caked in trichomes. The bag appeal on the eighth is good, a couple of hefty nugs surrounded by some smaller buds. I stuffed a preroll cone full of the stuff and let ‘er rip. The myrcene is much more present in the full, pepper-like flavor of this smooth-smoking flower. Barely coughed the whole way down.

Chong has plenty of choices for you to choose from. I got to sniff the Pink Frost, too, and was sorely tempted, and I’d love to get my hands on some Quantum Kush, but The Sauce is an excellent hybrid and precisely the kind of medicine that keeps the Gentleman rollin’. The flower takes hold and buoys my mood like one of those orange-and white-things floating in the water, whatever you call those, you know what I mean. This creates an organic defense from anxiety that still allows me to think clearly. I feel far more introspective than disposed towards socializing and, in fact, allows my spiritual self to rise to the surface of my ego and gulp in the fresh air before the next thrilling installment of Traitors! in the White House knocks me from my quiet morning reverie.

Aaargh, that didn’t last long. I better smoke some more before I start Googling stuff that’ll get me in trouble with the feds. I only have one minor complaint about the Chong’s Choice, and that’s the packaging wasn’t branded. If I’m smoking Chong’s own brand, and paying extra to do so, it should say Chong’s Choice on it. That being said, the smoke itself is phenomenal and I’m very pleased with it. Sure, you could pay less and still get great bud in Vegas, but the growers absolutely did right by the Up In Smoke legend and I am damn glad to see that. Shango was definitely one of the better dispensaries I visited, too. I recommend both.

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