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December 20, 2017 5 min read
December 20, 2017
5 min read

Cannavative Live Honeycomb

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Gentleman Toker reviews normal and live Honeycomb from Cannavative. Let's see what's up with Honeycomb!

Joe Tierney

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Quick Look

  • Pros

    Excellent consistency on both standard and live honeycombs; amazing scent profile on live honeycomb.

  • Cons

    I thought Jillybean was supposed to help with social anxiety. It doesn't. Not much of a con, you can't blame the strain! The Live can be a bit overpowering.

Honeycomb concentrate from Cannavative in Las Vegas is the subject of today’s review and if you’re wondering why all the intros must begin with something of this nature these days, it is because SEO. You know that I’d rather jump in and smack you with a shark in the face (nothing personal), but one does not question the Google, we merely give thanks to the Almighty that He has seen fit to manipulate its unknowable algorithms in our favor. I am particularly excited today for a rare opportunity. You see, whilst traipsing through Vegas (with all the grace and dignity of a one-man bachelorette party), I managed to find both the live and standard Honeycombs (crumble) of the same strain from the same source. Huzzah! “Live” here means the buds were flash-frozen instead of being allowed to dry post-harvest, which helps preserve all those lovely terpenes we want to end up in our extracts. We’re gonna compare the two!

Ok, so I first learned about the Jillybean strain as I read somewhere that it was supposed to be good for social anxiety but don’t you know it, I can’t find it years later. Bugger.

The first time I found the flower was at the Sweet Relief dispensary in Astoria, Oregon. They didn’t have any prerolls, nor would they just roll one up for me in the shop even though they weren’t that busy and I would have paid extra. So I took a gram away and went back to the tried and true method of obliterating all the trichomes by using my fingers like a damn, dirty ape. I didn’t find the flower particularly strong, a light sativa buzz to lift my mood, but that didn’t mean I’d given up on it. When the situation presented itself to sample Cannavative’s concentrated Jillybean in Vegas, GT was all aboard that locomotive, baby.

See, finding a strain that helps me talk to strangers (read: Women. Sigh.) is probably the most difficult thing to source. Generally, the cultivar must be some combination of energizing, incredibly mood-lifting, or downright mind-boggling to short-circuit my social anxiety and get me out of my own head long enough to actually want to communicate with other people. In person, I mean. This is fine.

Cannavative’s Jillybean (A cross between Space Queen x Orange Velvet) is D, None of the Above. It’s more of a mood-evener than a mood-lifter. When I dab the standard Honeycomb (I love that name for crumble, by the way, so much prettier!), the world seems brighter, more vivid, and my anxious thoughts are suppressed. Dabbing the Live Honeycomb provides a more intense version of these effects. I feel a balloon of lightness form mid-brain, its effect on my mood more potent and more difficult for stress to pry away. Thoughts trickle to a stop. My plans and dramas only occasionally crack the surface of consciousness, where they're briefly inspected and returned, my attention wholly on the present. While Cannavative’s standard doesn’t have much gas to it, the potency of the live can be downright exhausting. So that’s a no on the social anxiety from me, but yes on anxiety, depression, and I think it would benefit your creative endeavors or possibly the activation of your chakra if that’s, like, a thing you’re into.

Both Honeycombs are of ideal consistency. This is how you make crumble! Each sample was one clump and I can remove a piece without the whole thing falling apart and the crumbs that fall off are sticky enough to get with the tool. While the standard has a nifty floral scent, the Live smells absolutely divine and tastes even better, live lavender and sugar. Terp chasers are gonna love this batch.

I was really happy with the quality of both Cannavative Jillybean Honeycombs! If I were on a budget, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the standard Honeycomb at $22.50/half gram, but their live is absolutely worth the extra price at $30/half gram. Plus, they come with little printed cards that explain the cultivar’s lineage, terpene profile, and cannabinoid test results. There’s also a tiny brochure where Cannavative discusses their light hydrocarbon extraction methodology and other products. Very schwifty, peeps. This Gentleman is a fan.

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