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    Test products for free! That's right... We have some amazing vendors that provide products to the community for testing. Share your grow journal and let the community know your review. Best part? Keep the product when you are done.

  • Working with the Growers Network has brought us great value. The members are our target market, and affiliates. You have been superb to work with.

    Tom's Tumblers

  • Growers Network tends to filter out the “interwebs” answers that we expect to receive when public questions are posted regarding certain industry aspects.

    The Plant Opinion

  • Growers network is one of the FEW purist out there. You have to love a network of super focused, plugged in teams of really concerned and educated folks.

    National Grow Processors

  • Growers Network is adding value to a hard industry by creating and fostering value in all that we do, together.

    Proteus 420

  • Since joining Growers Network, we have been able to make connections with some target members to provide samples of our nutrients and make sales.

    BioNatural Pro

  • Ever since we started growing our company, Growers Network has helped us identify certain vetted members that we would have never found anywhere else.

    Cure Advantage

  • The AMA was really cool. I really enjoyed the back and forth feedback.Overall, I am happy with Growers Network.

    Alpha Omega Accounting

  • The AMA's are super valuable. They have professionals that are very engaged and informative. Great resource for research.

    Gro-Tech Systems

  • I have made some valuable connections and contacts in the community and have been able to get my questions answered as well as answer other members questions.

    Heather’s Bookkeeping

  • Growers Network is a community of large commercial cultivators that helped to get Key To Life in front of our target audience and customers.

    Key To Life

  • Great platform. Very easy to use. Growers Network is a great place for professionals to gain knowledge about anything in this industry.

    Leftcoast Wholesale

  • Growers Network makes it easy to connect with specialized subsets of the industry saving time and resulting in more meaningful conversations.

    BIOS Lighting

  • We are the #1 grow operation in Washington State because of the experts we have on our team, and our experts plan to use Growers Network to further innovate.

    Grow Op Farms

  • A professional platform like Growers Network provides an opportunity for Gavita to have an open dialogue with the commercial growers around the world.

    Gavita Holland

  • You guys are really doing something special here. This website is now an invaluable tool for me.

    White Eden

  • It’s really nice to take part in a community devoted to Cannabis, the discussions are really interesting.

    Growing Smart

  • This is an awesome network. There are so many smart people willing to help. Enjoy!


  • My business has grown about 40% since joining the Network. I am very happy with the Growers Network community.

    H.E. Anderson

  • It seems Growers Network staff moderates the forum well and I haven't had any issues with members trolling my posts.

    Black Dog LED

  • I have been able to make some good connections with other members with the help of the Growers Network Success Coach.

    Mountain Shore

  • Growers Network is the perfect place to meet cultivators and learn from the cultivation side of the cannabis industry.

    Global Garden

  • It is difficult to find a forum where you can educate yourself and offer your services to other professionals in this industry without getting spammed.

    KT Chemicals

  • This is the one and only forum out there that is this comprehensive, friendly and open-minded. There is no other place online that is like Growers Network.

    Wood Master

  • Growers Network is amazing! I was very pleased with how simple it was to navigate the site.

    Canna Air Care

  • The Growers Network staff and the community team has been great to work with.

    420 Estates

  • Growers Network is worth being part of because everybody goes above and beyond to communicate with each other and provide informational resources.

    Cannabiz Cash Pro

  • This is the place to meet expert growers with a wide range of knowledge that will most definitely make you a better grower.


  • Growers Network is the quickest way to create meaningful connections in different facets of the legal cannabis industry and to stay updated on the latest trend