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Buying seeds is easier than ever thanks to the web. But do you want feminized, autoflower, or regular seeds? Are you more interested in a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? And which seed companies are trustworthy? How can you make sure you're getting what you pay for, or that your seeds will arrive at all?

These are common questions when purchasing cannabis seeds and we've got some answers and recommendations to help you buy safely. We've also got the educational resources to help you through every step of your cannabis grow.


At Old School Ganja (OSG) Seeds our goal is not to offer the largest choice of seeds, but rather the most carefully curated strains. We grow out every strain offered and “pheno-hunt” the best expression of the characteristics we are seeking in each generation. We provide as much information as we can, including a Certificate of Analysis for each strain. In this way we hope to provide fellow lovers of the plant the greatest opportunity to identify those strains that work best for them as both cultivators and consumers.

Old School Ganja Seeds 

How to grow cannabis from Seeds

Growing cannabis from seeds is easier than you might think. Check out this list of things you'll probably need with some additional tips!

  • Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds, or "genetics," are the first thing you need if you want to grow cannabis. You can purchase cannabis seeds through our trusted vendors, a vendor of your choice, or you can even get seeds from other growers. Just be sure to check out legal restrictions in your area.

Feminized Seeds - Plants that have been treated, usually with colloidal silver, to ensure the seeds they produce are female.

Regular Seeds - Cannabis seeds that flower in response to a change in photoperiod. When purchased, expect a mix of male and females due to the 1:1 sex ratio of regular cannabis seeds.

Autoflower Seeds - Cannabis seeds that flower in response to their age, not to a change in photoperiod

  • How to Germinate & Propagate Cannabis Seeds

Germination refers to that early time post plant when your cannabis seeds pop their tap roots. Seeds CAN be germinated in their pot but many growers like to supervise the germination process to assure maximum germination rate.

Alternatives to germinating in a pot include Paper Towel germination, germiniating in a cup of water, or even starting with specialized pods in a small greenhouse dome.

  • Cannabis Grow Media

Soil is a popular choice for growing cannabis. There are a variety of soils on the market to choose from but you don't want to go cheap just to save a little money. Discount soils can often contain cannabis pests or diseases.

In addition to traditional soils some growers grow in a soil substitute such as coco coir or with soil additives such as vermiculite.

  • How to Water Cannabis

Plants need water and cannabis is especially thirsty. Make sure you go easy on the water in the seedling stage as it's easy to drown these girls if they get overwatered.

There are a variety of watering strategies including hand-watering and automated watering. An automated system can take the guess work out of your grow, though continued monitoring is important to make sure your plants don't get too dry.

You'll also want to make sure your water is pure. Most growers choose to go with filtered water or even reverse osmosis water. The important thing is that your water is clean and free of additives and chemicals that could hurt your cannabis plants. Be sure to check the pH level of your water too, before and after adding your nutrients.

  • Cannabis Nutrients

While many soils come with nutrients already in the soil, it's better to start with an inert media and add your own nutrients. These macro and micro nutrients are available from a variety of retailers in their ready to use form. Many growers like to purchase the constituent parts and build their own nutrient regimen.

Cannabis Macro Nutrients - Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Sulfur

Cannabis Micro Nutrients - Chlorine, Iron, Boron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum, and Nickel

  • Cannabis Lighting

There are a wide variety of grow lights you can use for cannabis. If you're growing outdoors, no additional light is needed, the sun gives you all you need assuming you're not at an extreme latitude.

If you are growing indoors you have the choice of the type of light you'd like wether it's CMH, HPS, or even LED. Most growers swear by their light of choice and a few years ago, very few would even THINK about using LEDs, however, advances in LED technology have made them a valuable piece of equipment among hobby growers and professionals alike. An additional pro for LEDs is that they use much less energy than traditional cannabis lighting in addition to giving off little heat. That means you'll be able to save money on your grows climate controls.

  • Cannabis Grow Space

Where are you going to grow? Do you have an outdoor garden? A single room? A closet? Maybe you're considering a grow tent. Either way you need to match your space to to the needs of the plant. A smaller grow space will require smaller plants. Fortunately there are a variety of seed strains perfect for small space growing. How much space will you need? Find out with this grow tent configurator.

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Free Cannabis Grow Courses

Are you a cannabis pro? Are you a beginner? Either way we've got free courses that will help you take your craft to the next level, no matter what your experience. Check out Growers Network University here!

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