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Gone are the days where you can consistently source valuable knowledge from online growing forums. The hobbyist grower does not face the same problems as you, yet they are the ones posting on other forums. This is because all of these forums fail to vet their members. They are open to anyone and everyone. If you operate a commercial grow operation and dispensary, you need to network with your peers. Not hobbyists.



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Growers Network was built for the growers and owners of commercial grow operations that can no longer source knowledge from online growing forums. You are at the top of your industry and you need a community that can support your growth.

Join the ranks of your peers, trade knowledge with scientists pioneering cannabis cultivation research and speak directly with the companies that manufacture your equipment.

Dispensaries have the unique opportunity of interfacing with all sides of the cannabis industry, from growers to the end consumer. Given this unique position in the industry, you naturally need to manage the interplay between cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution. Connect and trade knowledge with all these different sides of the industry represented within our community.

Providing professional lab services to licensed producers and processors is vital to the sustainable growth of the industry. Join Growers Network and connect with your top customers, while gaining feedback about your current and future services.

Every industry is created from thought leaders. You bring the innovation and pioneering voice needed to lead the industry in the right direction. Join Growers Network and make your mark on the industry.

Knowledge is power. And when it comes to the nascent, yet ever expanding commercial cannabis industry, knowledge is what defines the future methodologies and technology. Join Growers Network and expand on your area of expertise with other professionals to help define industry standards.

Supplying equipment to growers is vital to the growth of the industry. Join Growers Network and connect with your top customers, while gaining feedback about your current and future products.

From attorneys to consultants, professionals from all over are flocking to the commercial cannabis industry. Join Growers Network and communicate directly with your current and future clients.


Quality members, quality conversations.

Rob McKinley
CEO | Grow Op Farms / Phat Panda

We are the #1 grow operation in Washington State because of the experts we have on our team, and our experts plan to use Growers Network to further innovate and refine our industry leading cultivation practices.

Theo Tekstra
Marketing Manager & Lighting Expert | Gavita Holland

A professional platform like Growers Network provides an opportunity for Gavita to have an open dialogue with the commercial growers around the world. This exchange of information from experienced growers will surely help drive innovation in the horticultural lighting space.

Eric Bremiller
CEA Greenhouse Manager | Morrisville State College

Obviously there is competition in the industry, but there also needs to be collaboration. By sharing knowledge everyone can come out on top. Sharing experience, knowledge, troubles, failures and victories, will all make everyone in the network better.

Jamie English
Marketing Manager | Surna

Our goal is to create more intelligent, reliable and efficient climate control solutions. Communicating directly with our clients on Growers Network will allow us to refine our technologies and bring a better product to our customers.

David Aragon
Marketing Manager | SmartBee Controllers

We give our clients the power they need to enjoy the important things in life. Growers Network extends that power by connecting some of the brightest professionals in the cannabis industry.

Bryan Eden
Master Grower | White Eden

You guys are really doing something special here. This website is now an invaluable tool for me. I have based SO MANY critical decisions on information people have been so kind to freely hand out.
I would like to thank you guys for this effort. Cheers!

Tal Saadon
Master Grower | Growing Smart

It’s really nice to take part in a community devoted to Cannabis, the discussions are really interesting, people seem to be very nice and the entire forum is set up really good. When I was just started growing, like 10 years ago, I was an avid member of Cannabis Culture forums, and it’s really nice taking part in a Cannabis community again, I hope to use all the knowledge I’ve acquired in these years to help others.

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