The Green Wave? (Pt 2)

In this article, Growers Network reviews the results of the 2018 midterm Cannabis initiatives.

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Hello! As promised yesterday, we’re back to talk about the (mixed) results of the various Cannabis measures up for a vote in the states of Michigan, North Dakota, Missouri, and Utah. And away we go!


Michigan (Proposal 1)

Yay Michigan! It’s my home state and though I don’t live there any longer, I was really happy to see that Michigan voters came together to legalize recreational Cannabis. Proposal 1 passed easily by a 12% margin, and the new regulation is set to go into effect by the end of the month.

North Dakota (Measure 3)

This one was disappointing, but maybe it was to be expected. If you remember, the North Dakota measure was pretty vague with the details and included expunging records for Cannabis convictions. In the end voters just couldn’t get behind legalization with nearly 60% of voters opposing the measure. Oh well, maybe in 2020?

Missouri (Amendment 2, Amendment 3, and Proposition C)

Another vote for Cannabis normalization! Missouri voters passed Amendment 2, which will allow doctors to recommend Cannabis for qualified patients. The measure also allows patients to grow up to six plants at home and purchase up to four ounces of Cannabis a month from licensed dispensaries.

Utah (Proposition 2)

In Utah, Proposition 2 passed and will allow qualified patients to use medical Cannabis. The details are not hashed out yet as the state legislature will now look at the law and make changes. This was part of a compromise between supporters and their opponents, and without it, the proposition could have been overturned by the Utah legislature despite the will of the voters. So, the proposition is safe, but we have yet to see the final form.

Lesser Cannabis Initiatives: Ohio and Wisconsin

In Ohio, decriminalization of Cannabis did not pass. This may have been due to the measure not being focused on Cannabis specifically, but all illegal drugs. Maybe next time Ohio.

Wisconsin residents overwhelmingly showed support for legalization in a non-binding series of advisory questions. Fourteen of sixteen counties voted in support of reforming Wisconsin’s Cannabis laws. If it ever goes legal, I wonder how many new cultivars will be named after cheese…

All in all it was a good night for Cannabis as three of four major initiatives passed, and Wisconsin voters signalling that their state may be next to go legal. It certainly wasn’t a perfect night for Cannabis, but it’s another step in the right direction.

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