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Gentleman Toker reviews CBD patches from Pure Ratios. Let’s see what he has to say! The original article can be viewed here.

Joe Tierney

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Pure Ratios CBD Reservoir Patch

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    Strong, almost immediate relief for muscle pain.

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    Didn’t quite make it to the advertised 96 hours, but 60 hours of relief ain’t bad!

Whether it’s a long drive down old country roads or flights across the country, your Gentleman loves to travel. More than that, I need to be mobile to keep up with all my brand meetings so I can share my neurotic nematodes info on the newest, hottest cannabis gifts around! Having a literal pain in my ass that cranks up from sitting down (Editor’s Note: Don’t google this.) has made travel incredibly restrictive. I don’t usually drive more than three hours total on my best days, so I was freaking out about the six hour flight to Vegas. It sucked, despite a nearly vacant redeye allowing me an entire row to stretch out as best I could. Already dreading the flight back, I hit the Marijuana BizCon with an eye out for topical solutions that might provide some relief and was amazed with how well the Pure Ratios CBD Reservoir Patch worked.

Editor’s Note: If you live in Washington DC, Gentleman Toker finagled a deal with Canamelo delivery service. Check the original article for the details.

Pure Ratios makes CBD topicals, patches, lozenges, and vape cartridges that can be purchased from their website and shipped nationwide. Their full product list includes items containing THC, but those aren’t available for shipping. I’ll be looking for them when I make it out to Cali! Pure Ratios utilizes a proprietary CO2 extraction process of the whole hemp plant to produce their full-spectrum, terpene-rich hemp oil, which is third party lab-tested for potency, pesticides, and microbiologicals. Legit! They toss some other herbs in there for good measure- I’m very interested to see they have vape cartridges that include the anti-inflammatory turmeric, for example.

Editor’s Note: Get your mind out of the gutter.

The Pure Ratios CBD Reservoir Patch I tried was the same one available for shipping online, a 40mg dose. I slapped a patch on my aching butt post-shower Thursday morning and was feeling some relief within the first few minutes. It took about forty minutes to reach its full effectiveness and I definitely noticed when it did. I felt fantastic! When you live with chronic pain, any time off makes you feel like running outside in a bright blue tux, singing to strangers, but if you try this in Vegas the street performers will think you’re stepping on their turf and you’ll be chased back to your hotel by a fat Jon Snow and a topless nun. Fair warning!

Thanks to Pure Ratios patch, I spent Thursday relatively pain-free, including the flight home. This time, the plane was packed. Despite having no extra room to work my leg into a good angle, the trip back was much more bearable. And the patch was still kicking the next day! Pure Ratios touts up to 96 hours of relief and I’d say I got around 60 – the pain was back when I woke up Saturday morning. And these things are waterproof so you don’t have to choose between losing a still-good patch or smelling like sewer-fight Batman! The Gentleman is hooked. I’m gonna get some more. A lot more. After the success of this patch, I’m really excited to try out the rest of Pure Ratios menu, especially the lozenges. Check ’em out for yourself at their website!

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