I created the first private and vetted forum for cannabis professionals around the world. Along the way, I have met thousands of entrepreneurs, risk takers, and pioneers. We are all too familiar with the uncertainty of running a cannabis business. I created Growmetrics to bring back certainty to running a business.

Learn from millions of dollars of market trends on everything sold from LED lights to nutrients, and everything in between. My mission is to provide you market intelligence quickly and easily. It is my personal promise to deliver you quality, accurate, and consistent data for you to master the market.

Do you want to follow or lead the industry? Data will tell.

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April 1, 2017 - April 1, 2018









Total Revenue in our Dataset

We leverage our relationships with Growers Network members to bring you the most high-quality and accurate information possible.


Revenue by State

What state is purchasing the most nutrients?
Here is the total revenue of nutrients sold by each state.

Revenue by Brand

What are the most successful brands?
Here are the top five brands by sales revenue.

  • #1: General Hydroponics


  • #2: Canna


  • #3: Botanicare


  • #4: Advanced Nutrients


  • #5: House & Garden


Revenue by Product

What are the most successful products purchased by growers?
Here are the top ten products by sales revenue.

  • #1: Veg+Bloom Ro/Soft Base (100LB)


  • #2: Canna Rhizotonic


  • #3: Canna Cannazym


  • #4: Canna Boost


  • #5: Atami Bloombastic


  • #6: Hygrozyme


  • #7: Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0
    (5 Gal)


  • #8: Roots Excelurator Gold


  • #9: OG Biowar Root Pack (10 KG)


  • #10: OSA/28 Silicic Acid (20L)


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