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March 12, 2021 6 min read
March 12, 2021
6 min read

Cannabis Tissue Culture Master Class (Canna Cribs Podcast 11)

In this episode of the Canna Cribs podcast, Dr. Sma Zobayed of Segra International talks about how cannabis tissue culture is changing the way cannabis growers approach the cloning process.

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We take a deep dive with, Dr. Sma Zobayed the Chief Tissue Culture Officer of 'Segra International' in Episode 11 of the Canna Cribs Podcast, where we document history with the pioneers of the global cannabis industry. In this interview, we will deep dive with Dr Zobayed of 'Segra International' about tissue culture and the innovations of the practice within the cannabis industry.

Segra International is a company invested in the revolution of ag-tech for the cannabis industry. Founded on the belief that better cannabis starts with better plants. As a global leader in Plant Tissue Culture (PTC), an established method for creating disease-free, true-to-type super plantlets at commercial scale. Segra International has brought this proven agricultural technique to the cannabis industry to help growers grow better plants with greater efficiency. Founded in 2014, we have achieved significant milestones in support of the rapidly maturing cannabis industry.

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About Dr. Zobayed and Segra INTL:
Dr. Sma Zobayed is a leading specialist in tissue culturing with extensive international experience. Dr. Zobayed holds two patents relating to tissue culture and has published over 50 scientific papers related to his research in the field. He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Tissue Culture from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Hull (UK), and has won awards for his tissue culture work from the scientific community. He is a member in good standing with the International Society of Arboriculture, International Association for Plant Tissue Culture and the International Society for Horticultural Sciences.

What's in the Episode?
Table of Content 0:00​​ Opening
1:40 Background on Dr. Sma Zobayed
8:41​​ Responsibilities at Segra International
16:40 Day-To-Day for Dr. Sma Zobayed
30:28​​ History of Tissue Culture
37:43​ Why Tissue Culture?
43:48 Packaging with Green Vault Systems
44:33 Disease Resistance with Tissue Culture
49:29​ Plant Count using Tissue Culture
58:03​ Differences Between Cuttings from Tissue Culture
1:03:09 Packaging ROI with Precision Batch by Green Vault Systems
1:04:34​ The Future of Tissue Culture
1:11:13 Future Expansion/Projects at Segra International

What You'll Hear in the Interview:
-Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself
-Let’s talk about your role as “Chief Tissue Culture Officer” at Segra Intl.
-You’re THE expert in tissue culture - what is it? Same as “micropropagation?”
-I’d like to talk a little more about the disease resistance of tissue culture
-More and more cannabis growers are turning to tissue culture, what’s the advantage of tissue culture in a commercial grow?
-It seems like a lot of the cannabis enthusiasts I talk to are a bit wary of science and call anything not “naturally” grown “frankenweed”
-What are your predictions for the future of tissue culture in the cannabis space?
-Do you have any new projects or plans you can tell us about?

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