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2) Lighting

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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, Cameron discusses a few lighting considerations for the professional grower.

Hey guys, it’s Cameron again, and we’re going to talk about lighting today.

Now lighting is a topic we could really go on and on and on about. This is just going to be a brief overview on lighting and the sort of things you want to be thinking about as you are building a facility and setting up a lighting plan that is going to work in your best interest.

With regard to indoor lighting let’s try and set some sort of general guidelines. Let’s say we’re going to be using 1000 watt, double ended lights in this indoor setup. On the veg side we are talking about lights that are roughly 30-35 sq ft footprints, that is roughly 400-700 micromoles at canopy, and these are set up at about 5 foot by 7 foot rectangles.

Now on the flower side we are going to look at a slightly tighter footprint. We want to see our micromoles increase 750-1000 micromoles at canopy. This is roughly 4-5.5 ft rectangles per light.

In terms of cloning and rooting your new cuttings, we recommend using T5 fluorescent lights, and this is going to be at about 50 watts per square foot

In terms of greenhouse lighting we pretty much want to forget about everything we just said and talk about DLI, which is the daily light integral and this is a function of daylight hours that the sun is providing. Certainly in some latitudes we are going to need to supplement that sunlight with artificial lighting, and the best strategy for accomplishing that goal, I would recommend working with a reputable light manufacturer to come up with a light layout for your specific facility depending on your specific location.

There’s certainly another form of lighting that we could be talking about and that’s LED lighting. For a long time I would not have recommended LED lighting. Now days there’s lots of great LED manufacturers out there. Unfortunately their criteria and the way that they work is so different I would definitely recommend reaching out to specific LED manufacturers to discuss your specific needs. One thing I will say is lots of jurisdictions, lots of states are putting constraints on facilities with regard to total wattage per square foot that they are allowed to use. So LEDs are becoming much more popular. They’re much more efficient in terms of light output per square foot, and most states are going to be requiring you to use a light that is more efficient than traditional HID lighting.

So thanks for watching this video about lighting. Certainly refer to the course notes which will be extensive with this particular section, and definitely stay tuned for my next video.

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Course Notes:

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