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Cannabis: Higher Employment

From Budtender to Master Grower, from doctor to office administration, from Alaska to Florida, the cannabis industry is booming and jobs in the medical and recreational sectors are too. Retail sales are expected to grow to $30 billion by 2021, and with more states approving the recreational use of marijuana, those numbers are expected to grow.

This means that the forecast for jobs in the cannabis industry are looking promising, as the full cycle from seed to end user consumption provides an open door for money making. In the past entering this sector was only privy to a few as secrecy of operations from cultivation to end product sales was mandatory.

However, as there is more work to reform the legalization of recreational consumption and production, the field is no longer considered to be taboo, and entering the field is easier than ever. Our cannabis industry job board provides you with a variety of options, take a look, you may just find the career and the job security you’ve always wanted but never knew you could achieve.