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The Professional plan provides you with one user account, which includes full access to the professional forum. Additional services not included. *Billed Annually

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Annual Subscription

The Industry Leader plan provides unlimited seats with full access to the professional forum and access to a dedicated Success Coach. Additional services not included. *Billed Annually

Vetting Process for Cannabis Companies
To ensure maximum quality of our forum, all applications must pass a strict vetting process in order to join Growers Network.

The legalization laws of every state are different, which makes it impossible for us to treat every application the same. We vet everyone fairly, given the context of their application.

For example, Washington State publically lists all of their licensed producers, processors, retailers and labs. We can simply look up their business and approve their application. California on the other hand, not so easy.

As more states and countries come online with medical and/or recreational cannabis laws, we will approve more applications from the waiting list.

Vetting Process for Ancillary Companies
To ensure maximum quality of our forum, all applications must pass a strict vetting process in order to join Growers Network.

We vet all ancillary companies on the quality of their product and service. In order to join Growers Network, a company must currently serve commercial cannabis producers, processors, or retailers. This ensures relevant and quality conversations from across the board.

As our community evolves, so too will the types of ancillary companies we approve to join.


Why should I join Growers Network?

Growers Network is a community to share knowledge, information, and tips on commercial cannabis cultivation. If you are a business owner or grower who is interested in constantly improving yourself and your knowledge base, Growers Network is the place to be. If you have a problem, the community at Growers Network can provide solutions.

Why did you build Growers Network?

Growers Network was founded out of the need for a private community in which professionals in the commercial cannabis industry could communicate. Most online cannabis growing forums and communities are filled with hobbyists and consumers whose interests and knowledge of cannabis cultivation differ greatly from professionals in the field. Growers Network solves that problem by individually vetting all the members and professionally managing the community.

Who is Growers Network for?

Growers Network is for any cannabis professional in the following sectors…

  • Producers
  • Processors
  • Retailers
  • Labs
  • Academics
  • Thought Leaders
  • Service Providers
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Product Manufacturers

… and more!

What are the rules for Growers Network?

Our basic principle is treat others as you would like to be treated. It’s a great rule to live by, and a great rule for business. Professional courtesy and conversations are encouraged. All information contained within Growers Network is private, and intended for members only.

How much does membership cost?

Free if you are a licensed cannabis producer, processor, retailer and/or lab.

If you are a vendor, personal memberships cost $50/month. If you would like organization pricing, we offer group memberships at $100/month, with an additional $25/month for each additional member. Prices may be subject to change.

What is Growers Spotlight?

Growers Spotlight is a free, public interview series written by Growers Network. In Growers Spotlight, we interview industry experts and leaders, asking them about topics that are of interest to growers and dispensary owners. You can find our articles on the Growers Network website. This information is free and publicly available.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do! There’s now a mobile app available on Android and iPhone for those of you who prefer having an app to using a mobile browser. Here are the download links for each version:

  1. Android
  2. iPhone

Once you install the app, you’ll need to add the Growers Network by entering the URL “” (without quotations) and then entering your username and password. Once you’ve added those permissions, the app will show you notification updates from the community on the app icon.

How is my information protected?

All user data is anonymized; we do not sell anyone’s personal information.